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Latest commit ce5cc1d @jleclanche jleclanche Merge pull request #621 from Razor-qt/pcman-patches
Merged some original LXQt patches
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.tx Trtanslations
cmake Quiet down lrelease and decrease .qm size
distr Ubuntu Rarring in debian/control
doxygen Fix in
libraries Merge pull request #621 from Razor-qt/pcman-patches
razorqt-about X-RAZOR changed to Razor in desktop files
razorqt-appswitcher Global shortcuts client library added and all support for it refactor…
razorqt-autosuspend X-RAZOR changed to Razor in desktop files
razorqt-config Make razor-config-fileassociations compile with qt 4.6
razorqt-confupdate Fixed issue #492 "razor-qt creates a bunch of directories all over $H…
razorqt-desktop razor-desktop and razor-panel: Adds missing tr() to setWindowTitle()
razorqt-globalkeyshortcuts Desktop file for global key shortcut configurator added to install
razorqt-lightdm-greeter fix the underlinking of lightdm greeter
razorqt-notificationd X-RAZOR changed to Razor in desktop files
razorqt-openssh-askpass preliminary manpages primary for razorqt and usefully in venenux
razorqt-panel Fixes #646 changing task bar button default width from 400px to 300px
razorqt-policykit Fix authentization->authentication misspelling
razorqt-power X-RAZOR changed to Razor in desktop files
razorqt-resources X-RAZOR changed to Razor in desktop files
razorqt-runner compile fix: do not include private qt header files
razorqt-screenlocker Initial version of Razor Screenlocker
razorqt-session X-RAZOR changed to Razor in desktop files
razorqt-x11info Relicense
scripts Add support for menu translations
.gitignore Ignore kate *-swp files
CMakeLists.txt Not only Make can be used as a generated
COPYING Issue #287
GPL Issue #287
LGPL Issue #287
README Add link to translations



Razor-qt is an advanced, easy-to-use, and fast desktop environment based on Qt
technologies. It has been tailored for users who value simplicity, speed, and an
intuitive interface. Unlike most desktop environments, Razor-qt also works fine
with weak machines.

While still a new project, Razor-qt already contains the key DE components:

    Application launcher
    Settings center

You can use either all of them or part of them. Razor-qt works with various WMs,
most of Razor developers use Openbox. But it's no problem to take any modern WM
from fwwm2 to kwin (yes, KDE without Plasma Desktop is possible too).

Razor-qt is a new open-source project and you can help us improve it. We welcome
your bug reports and suggestions; you are free to translate all into your own
language, create more attractive graphics, anything.

For component-specific information, see README files in their respective


Web Site:

Git Repository:

Mailing List:

Bug Reports:


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