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.TH razor-openssh-askpass "1" "September 2012" "Razor\-qt\ 0.5.0" "Razor\-qt\ Module"
razor-openssh-askpass \- Password access over ssh module of \fBRazor-qt\fR: the faster and lighter QT Desktop Environment
.B razor-openssh-askpass
[\fICurrently No command line arguments\fR]
This module handles openssh security password access for \fBRazor-qt\fR. The openssh askpass module, will perform
security tast over scale accesss privilegies.
The \fBRazor-qt modules\fR are desktop independent tools,
and operate as daemons for the local user for desktop specific operations.
\fBRazor-qt\fR is an advanced, easy-to-use, and fast desktop environment based on Qt
technologies, ships several core desktop components, all of which are optional:
* Panel
* Desktop
* Application launcher
* Settings center
* Session handler
* Polkit handler
* SSH password access \fI(this)\fR
* Display manager handler
These components perform similar actions to those available in other desktop
environments, and their names are self-descriptive. They are usually not launched
by hand but automatically, when choosing a \fBRazor\-qt\fR session in the Display
The module detected on shares privilege accesss, and maintain a security dialog
that ask for the user's key need for access over another machine host.
This module are very early stage, and not enabled by default, so you must added a env
by the \fBrazor\-settings\fR application as \fISSH_ASKPASS=\fR
with \fBrazor\-openssh\-askpass\fR value, openssl and openssh-client packages must be required.
The module only are showed on \fBRazor-qt\fR desktop, but u can create an autostart action
for you prefered desktop environment.
Report bugs to
\fBRazor-qt\fR it has been tailored for users who value simplicity, speed, and
an intuitive interface, also intended for less powerful machines. See also:
.\" any module must refers to session app, for more info on start it
\fBrazor-session.1\fR Razor-qt for manage Razor-qt complete environment
\fBrazor-policykit-agent.1\fR Razor-qt plolicykit agent module for privilegie scalation.
\fBrazor-config-session.1\fR Razor-qt application for performing session autostart applications
This manual page was created by \fBPICCORO Lenz McKAY\fR \fI<>\fR
for project and VENENUX GNU/Linux but can be used by others.
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