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Merge pull request #465 from kuzmas/clock

Issue #460 fixed
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2 parents d3ecae9 + 8e2e431 commit 4a3f183d1f11057cfb3f3465c0baf5bfc6715eb8 @kuzmas kuzmas committed Oct 23, 2012
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  1. +5 −0 razorqt-panel/plugin-clock/razorclock.cpp
5 razorqt-panel/plugin-clock/razorclock.cpp
@@ -102,7 +102,12 @@ RazorClock::RazorClock(const RazorPanelPluginStartInfo* startInfo, QWidget* pare
void RazorClock::updateTime()
+#if QT_VERSION < 0x040700
+ QDateTime now(mUseUTC ? QDateTime::currentDateTime().toUTC() : QDateTime::currentDateTime());
QDateTime now(mUseUTC ? QDateTime::currentDateTimeUtc() : QDateTime::currentDateTime());
if (mDateOnNewLine)
mTimeLabel->setText(QLocale::system().toString(now, mTimeFormat));

4 comments on commit 4a3f183


I dont understand if converting current date to utc member its available in qt 4.7 as in qt 4.6 why using specific function from 4.7!!!!

thanks @kuzmas for this.

Razor-qt member

Because comlexity of currentDateTimeUtc() almost equals (down to libc calls) to complexity of currentDateTime(),
but complexity of currentDateTime().toUTC() is much higher than complexity of currentDateTime().

In fact currentDateTimeUtc() has less calls to libc in comparison with currentDateTime(), while toUTC() itself has ~100 lines of code for timezone conversion.


this its in time-compiling or runtime? in any case, this means that generated depends of currentDateTime().toUTC() generated strong dependency of libc6 rutines.. ok thanks for explain..

Razor-qt member

I was talking about runtime complexity

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