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I saw about the problem with razor-panel when you have a lot of windows opened, and also saw about the bugfix, but, wouldn't it be easy to have task grouping in the panel?
That would be a better solution (in my opinion)

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I'm not sure if group tasking solve this problem. Not everyone want to use group tasking - for example I don't like and I don't use grouping.
But group tasking is something what should be implemented.

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configurable option? For me is quite pain to work eg. with gimp where grouping makes sense to me. But eg. for terminals I prefer non-grouping display. Maybe something like "bool groupWhenThereAreMoreThanThreeWindowsOfOneApplication" property.


What about making task grouping configurable through applications?
I'm talkin about app rules, lets say, you want gimp to be grouped? just make a rule, terminal emulators are hard to find when on a group? just dont make a rule, and so on...
IMO that's a better approach...

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The current code of taskbar plugin does not allow for this. We should to rewrite the it from scratch, I think we should implement this in the lxde-qt project. So I take off the "0.6.0 milestone".

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Moved to lxde/lxqt-panel#17

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