Adding a network manager plugin. #102

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Adding a network manager based on libnm-qt (NetworkManager) and libmm-qt (ModemManager).

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This was done.

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... I don't think so.

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Tentatively marking this 0.7.0. Wifi support is a bit of a top request...


Network Manager works with the nm-applet (Gnome) plugin. Just that the icon is not displayed correctly.


Do not make this a plugin, instead make this a razor-qt independent software that appears in systray. Also, the volume plugin icon should be ported into a systray application.

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The advantage of plugin over a systray app - is that you can easily reorder them and the order is persistent after relogin/reboot.


Then you can make a systray NetworkManager with a plugin for it. Xfce4 has done the same with its clipboard manager, Clipman, which is available for both systray and xfce4-panel.

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