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Please include GPL and LGPL license files #287

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Greetings, Razor-Qt developers.

I'm a Debian and Ubuntu maintainer interested in packaging razor-qt for the official repositories (for the next releases, wheezy and quantal, respectively). However, the lack of license files in the top directory (typically named COPYING in open source projects) makes razor-qt legally non-redistributable in tarball form.

Please include a license file for at least the GPL (and, optionally, LGPL) in the root directory of the tarball. These files could be named, for example, COPYING.GPL and COPYING.LGPL.

I'll package the first release that comes out with license files.


I'd welcome it if you did, yes. The sooner I can submit the packages for review to Debian Developers, the better. :)


Each of the tarball's source files contains the license at the top; we'll include the extra LICENSE file but that should be enough for now.

Also, I'm not too hot on redistributing 0.4.x on a new platform; 0.5 really has a lot of improvements and will probably be released some time in June or July.


The source files only contain the short copyright blurbs rather than the full texts of the licenses. This has, in the past, been a reason for rejection for new Debian and Ubuntu packages.

The relevant section of the Debian guide for upstreams can be found here:

And while I can wait for 0.5, it's better to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Debian apparently plans to freeze wheezy in June (judging by the last available news on that) and Ubuntu feature freeze for quantal is in August. With a big, complex new package like that - given all the time it takes to create one, then pass it through review - we may simply miss the deadlines. It may be possible to get freeze exceptions for 0.5, but that's a lot easier to do once there's already a package in the unstable release.


We can't change the existing files, this can cause problems in the current distros.

If we publish another one file "razorqt-with-copyright-0.4.1.tar.bz2" is it will be enough?


It should be enough, yes.


Most part of the our project under LGPLv2+ but some part under GPLv2.

I'll create 2 files GPL & LGPL.
What should be in the COPYING file. Next text is correct?

Upstream Author:
Razor team:

Copyright (C) 2010-2012 Razor team

License: GPL-2 and LGPL-2.1+
The full text of the licenses can be found in the 'GPL' and LGPL files.

If no, can you show me example?


Seems fine.



Please check it. If all is right, I'll close issue, if not I'll ready to make changes.

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@SokoloffA SokoloffA Issue #287
Please include GPL and LGPL license files

i please @Sikon please dont forgotten made a backport for squeeze, i test razorqt in squeeze and works perfectly, only thing, must made a port of qtpolikt 0.99 and polkit 0.99 also.. , its all..

currently last changes and fixed was collaboration of me in git debian files demostrate that works on squeeze, please made debian backports..


Thanks, the new tarball is what I need! You can close the bug now.

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