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configurable menus (pipe-like) #379

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Tete Petr Vanek PICCORO Lenz McKAY GreatEmerald Jerome Leclanche

Hello guys, i have a request, if it's possibly to have a option or edit a file to configure right click menu of razor desktop like openbox thx :D

Petr Vanek

like a context menu in the icon view?


Emm it's for configure that menu, it's like openbox menú. In openbox you have a file for configure that menu and you can do things like this by modify that file . You can add separators. scripts to open a pipe menu with the weather or system information, etc :D


the menu in razorqt are a xdg file , generated as "" and this are loading .. but u can modify/make one based on it and load manualy in "Razor desktop configuration" dialog preferences...

this featured relies on handle (like other as kde does by example) dual ".menu" files the xdg and the user own, and merged..

for now razorqt only handle one menu file at time (i think) the "" and if u modify and load throught "Razor desktop configuration" dialog preferences... this overrides the main..


There should be an easier way to edit the menu. Right now the menu tab allows you to select a new .menu file, but it doesn't say where the original one is, and finding it can be difficult. It would be nice if there was a button to open the currently used file, if not have an actual GUI menu editor.
That said, I wonder if LXMenuEditor works for Razor-qt - I'll have to try it out some time.

Jerome Leclanche

Closing all razor-desktop bugs.

Jerome Leclanche jleclanche closed this
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