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razor-panel: no repaint after add/remove plugin #405

nebulade opened this Issue · 4 comments

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If I remove/add plugins on runtime to the razor-panel, from that point on it wont get repainted. Looking at the click actions it is actually updated, also after a panel restart the changes are applied correctly. But only the visual appearance is broken.
See the screenshot:

It happens with and without a compositing windowmanager, just as a note.

I dont have time to look into it in more detail, just to have it tracked


I can't reproduce this. What's your configuration? (WM, Qt version)

Does it happen with any specific plugins?


Just did a small test and it does only happen with compiz in my setup here.
It does not matter if I remove or add any plugin, happens with all plugins I have built.

Sorry I dont have more information, yet.


Is this reproduced with the new panel?


hmm, no reaction for 8 monts, I expect it works. Feel free to reopen the issue.

@pvanek pvanek closed this
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