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This came up on the ML a couple days ago.

If I remember correctly, the fd way:

  • Workspace is unused
  • Desktop is a virtual device of which any user may have any amount; they can be switched through the desktop switcher. This is the Workspace concept in gnome/kde.
  • Monitor is the physical device itself. Some configurations have more than one monitor.
  • Screen is the output to the monitor, however some configurations (some nvidia settings most notably) share one screen for multiple monitors.

With those definitions, we can fix up bits of the UI. First candidate is razor-runner's settings panel:

  • Positioning: stays the same
  • Show on: Change to Screen instead of Monitor

Take the chance to also fix the actual strings to:

  • Screen with mouse focus
  • Always on screen #1
  • Always on screen #...
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Using "Desktop" instead of "Workspace" presents us with two issues.

First obvious issue is that we're using different denomination than gnome and kde, this may confuse users.

Second, less obvious one is the clash with the other functionality in razor-desktop. A desktop, to the user, is a pane with files on it and a wallpaper; possibly widgets. However, in razor, a desktop is more than that: it's also the pane where windows and panels are displayed.

"Workspace" conveys the meaning better, imho. So I would still suggest switching to that term.

In that case, "Desktop" would then become the panel razor-desktop widgets are displayed on; iow "whatever has a wallpaper".

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Second candidate is Razor Desktop Configuration. Assuming we switch to Workspace:

Basic settings:

Virtual Desktops -> Workspaces

Use different widgets and wallpapers for each virtual desktop -> Maintain separate widgets and settings for each workspace

Use mouse wheel for desktop changing -> Use scroll wheel to switch between workspaces


this are a really to close issue not important.. event closing #449 that are really important bug!!!!
this issue are a work in progress of something that already not are, event #449 that are a bug present since 0.5.X releases..

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McKay, no offense but if there are issues critical to you, fix them yourself. Nobody is working on razor-qt itself anymore and the 0.6 release isnt even certain to happen.


not only to me, razorqt does not start window manager in many distros...! confirmed by some users!!!

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