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Clock Plugin: Ability to select time zones (Espically UTC) #427

kenfallon opened this Issue · 8 comments

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It is possible to add multiple clocks so it would make sense to be able to select different time zones for the clocks as well. I find it very useful to have local time and UTC displayed.



In the Time section of the clock settings, a radio button should be added:

  • Use system time zone
  • Always display for [dropdown]
@kenfallon supports utc but time zone information is not supported


I've looked at it and found that setting environment variable TZ changes timezone for QDateTime. The question is how to isolate these changes and make the effect per plugin, since environment variable affects the whole application.
One of solutions is to fork and use a pipe between apps or just use a small external app, but personally I think it's to complicated for such a simple thing. So, I'll investigate it a little bit more and let you know the result. And of course if the result is positive - I'll implement it.


It definitely requires a separate process. Because of this restriction, an embedded calendar can only show date based on a local timezone. So I think it can be weird if plugin itself shows one date as today, but popup calendar shows another one.

What if plugin will show additional timezones only in tooltip? Is it OK?

P.S. As to UTC, I've made already a patch with UTC support as part of pull request: #445


My use case it that I want local time and the UTC only so I can track logfiles in the servers and also track lunch time. So your patch to UTC is great for me.

I can imagine that people would like to add a clock for local time, another for time at Corporate HQ and another where your better half is currently located.

@kuzmas kuzmas closed this
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