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Bug on qss file seeking #541

CaledoniaProject opened this Issue Jan 26, 2013 · 4 comments

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If I have /usr/local/share/razor/themes/XX (empty folders), razor-config-appearance will not be able to load the correct theme file (that is /usr/share/razor/themes/XX


Actually happens to all razor apps.

Razor-qt member

I don't understand you. Can you explain in more detail.


I mean, I set CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to /usr/, built and installed successfully.

Because my previous installation was on /usr/local, I did a make uninstall, but folders like /usr/share/razor/themes/ambiance are kept, unless I remove those empty folders specifically, razor would never find the correct path of themes.

@SokoloffA SokoloffA added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 30, 2013
@SokoloffA SokoloffA Close Issue #541 43a283e
@SokoloffA SokoloffA added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 3, 2013
@SokoloffA SokoloffA Close Issue #541 99f16d5
Razor-qt member

So is this fixed then?

@amoskvin amoskvin closed this Apr 17, 2013
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