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new panel: vertical mode makes panel too large (width) #563

pvanek opened this Issue Mar 16, 2013 · 7 comments

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pvanek commented Mar 16, 2013

the line count = 1
but the panel is expanded.
candidates are:
menu, desktopswitch, taskbar (min width), clock, cpu/mem plugs


I don't mean you have to fix it, I'd like to hear your opinion...

@SokoloffA SokoloffA was assigned Mar 16, 2013
Razor-qt member
kuzmas commented Mar 16, 2013

I guess it's either clock or sysstat. Sysstat has (at least in trunk version) its own size property. Clock has (can have) wide text.

What if you remove plugins one by one?



With that new panel, the witdh cannot be fixed to a small value (22px for example). And worse, the width cannot be limited : with long application titles, the panel takes more place than the place of the windows. I have a small resolution (1024x600) and this is really annoying.

I switched now to the stable release (0.5.2) which is OK.

I took a snapshot, but it is not really OK because the import command took a snapshot during the panel redraw.
But nevertheless, you see the problem.


Same behaviour with version 0.5.2:

Razor-qt member

Confirmed. Now I'm working on it

@SokoloffA SokoloffA added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 24, 2013
@SokoloffA SokoloffA Fix for Issues
   #564 "new panel: cfg "Line size" can be set to 10px but the value is not accepted"
   #563 "new panel: vertical mode makes panel too lerge (width)"
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pvanek commented Mar 25, 2013

it's much better now. See screenshot.

Now (and it's just a brainstorm). Taskbar. it takes too less space because it still uses sub-optimal sizing. Maybe it should take all horizontal space...

Razor-qt member

How is it now, with the clock autorotate?

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Was moved to lxqt

@jleclanche jleclanche closed this Aug 16, 2014
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