razor-panel: Add "pcmanfm-qt –desktop-off" to quick launch #568

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LXDE - PCManFM Qt 0.1.0 released
Please consider to add, in next release or later, a launcher for PCManFM Qt.

In the above post, there are some kind words on Qt:

I, however, need to admit that working with Qt/C++ is much more pleasant and productive than messing with C/GObject/GTK+.
Since GTK+ 3 breaks backward compatibility a lot and it becomes more memory hungry and slower, I don’t see much advantage of GTK+ now. GTK+ 2 is lighter, but it’s no longer true for GTK+ 3. Ironically, fixing all of the broken compatibility is even harder than porting to Qt in some cases (PCManFM IMO is one of them).
So If someone is starting a whole new project and is thinking about what GUI toolkit to use, personally I might recommend Qt if you’re not targeting Gnome 3.

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Quick launch is a user setting...
We could have it listed in desktop config listing though if it's installed.

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Thank you.

I have found three more Qt file managers that may be better than PCManFM Qt.

Andromeda is a cross-platform file manager designed to be easy to use for beginners and, at the same time to have lot of features.

Built on top of the Powerful Qt4 GUI Toolkit, this file manager is sleek, stylish and fast.

Beesoft Commander (last updated: 2008-09-19)
Beesoft Commander is a two-panel file manager (like Norton Commander) for Linux. He are using a Qt GUI-library.

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