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Change log

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Change log

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New in Razor-qt 0.5.2

  • Full translation support and translation updates.
  • First day of week detected correctly on systems with Qt older than 4.8.
  • Mount plugin will now display volume sizes correctly and is more efficient.
  • Razor can now use systemd directly to shutdown/supend/etc.
  • Themes were improved to work well with dark Qt color schemes.
  • The bug that caused creation of ~/razor and ~/.razor directories was fixed. (If you have such directories, it's safe to delete them)
  • Notepad plugin resizes correctly
  • Prevent running Razor Session without WM
  • Config center icon text wrapping improved

New in Razor-qt 0.5.1

  • Updated license headers
  • Fixed memory leak in razor-desktop when theme is changed
  • Updated translations

New in Razor-qt 0.5.0

  • new component: razor-lightdm-greeter for lightdm greeter on razorqt/qt4 based desktop
  • new component: razor-notificationd. A tool to handle notifications over razor desktop
  • new component: razor-openssh-askpass helper
  • new component: razor-confupdate for update older config files
  • new component: razor-appeareance gui for suppor config theming
  • new component: razor-globalkeyshortcuts for keyboard shortcut configuration

Overall changes

  • many bugfixes
  • razor-about was improved with system tech info embebed.
  • License clarification. Including GPL and LGPL licences in tarball.
  • Session files over different flavors of WM removed. Now razor-session handles a default windowmanager depending on what's installed. Users can configure it in the razor-config module later.
  • Split config session window, due new session autostart changes, featuring better system tray support.
  • more XDG standards implemented, also implements an autostart mechanish in freedesktop style.
  • new implementation of config files, there's a new module that help to migrate olders config files
  • nicer razor-config app layout
  • better integration with window managers from fvwm family


  • Architecture changes to prevent RTTI related crashes and suppor for all Qt versions.
  • Huge performance optimizatons.
  • new desktop widget: notepad


  • new panel plugin: cpu monitor applet
  • new panel plugin: lm sensor applet
  • new panel plugin: volume control applet that supports alsa or pulseaudio
  • new panel plugin: color picker
  • new panel plugin: network monitor
  • featured improve fonts settings
  • featured auto size.


  • Support for VirualBox machines control


  • implementens new way of handle sizes and layouts, fixed and refresh all themes


  • Many translations added.

New in Razor-qt 0.4.1

  • New component: razor-policykit. A tool to integrate various policykit related tasks for razor session (run as different user etc.)
  • new component: razor-power. A power management tool (end-user app).
  • new component: razor-autosuspend. A tool to suspend/wake-up laptops on Lid events or power status events.

Overall changes

  • License cleanup - conflicting parts have been rewritten from scratch
  • XDG autostart and Razor-qt autostart feature improved
  • New Ambiance theme. Thanks Jonian Guveli.
  • many minor updates and improvements


  • Czech. Thanks Pavel Fric.
  • Slovak. Thanks helix84.
  • Spanish. Thanks drencrom.
  • Hungarian. Thanks Kristóf Kiszel.
  • Chinese(simplified). Thanks librehat.
  • German. Thanks Egon Ashrafinia.
  • Italian. Thanks quiro91.
  • Greek. Thanks iosifidis.


  • panel can be horizontal or vertical now
  • panel width and height can be configured
  • clock: simple calendar implemented
  • Hello World plugin for panel for potential new developers


  • Limit auto-repeat attempts when application crashes frequently

New in Razor-qt 0.4

  • New component: Razor-runner program, a tool for launching applications.
  • New component: razor-config* tools
  • New component: qtxdg a standalone library for XDG standards in Qt available for 3rd party applications.
  • New component: Razor own menu (XDG standard)

Overall changes

  • Global: many bugfixes and small improvements.
  • Global: improved support for main menu.
  • Global: improved translation support.
  • Global: added Polish translation.


  • Panel: configuration dialogs
  • Panel: new "Removable media" plugin. Is a plugin for mounting and unmounting removable storages using udisks.
  • Panel: new "screensaver/lock screen" plugin.
  • Panel: new "show/restore desktop" plugin.
  • Panel: drag'n'drop support for quicklaunch plugin.


  • Session: default applications and environment variables settings.
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