Merge LXDE and Razor qt

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To coordinate the merging process and avoid duplicated work or conflicts, TODOs and people working on them are documented here. Please feel free to add any content to this page.

Here is a list of what people are doing:

  • Adys/Jerome Leclanche (Adys/jleclanche on IRC):

    1. UX & testing for Qt port
    2. Coordinating Razor 0.6 release
  • Kermit/Maciej Płaza:

  • SokoloffA/Alexander Sokolov:

    1. razor-panel and all applets
    2. separate build (
    3. fix librazorqt/liblxqt
  • amoskvin/Alec Moskvin:

  • gustavosbarreto/Luis Gustavo S. Barreto:

  • kuzmas/Kuzma Shapran:

    1. global shortcut keys (daemon, client lib, and related widgets)
    2. lxqt-settings module:
  • pvanek/Petr Vanek (pvanek/subik|mac_ on irc):

  • surlykke/Christian Surlykke

    1. merge autosuspend and screen-locker into one power management module (
    2. lxqt-lightdm-greeter module.
    3. build tools:
  • Luís Pereira:

    1. split libqtxdg:
  • pcman/Hong Jen Yee:
    1. PCManFM file manager Qt port
    2. libfm-qt library (part of pcmanfm-qt package)
    3. obconf-qt (openbox config tool)
    4. lximage-qt (image viewer + screenshot tool) => should be renamed to lxqt-image-viewer later
    5. lxinput-qt (mouse/keyboard config tool) => should be renamed to lxqt-config-input later
    6. lxrandr-qt (monitor tool) => should be renamed to lxqt-monitor or use razorqt-xrandr instead
    7. split the razor-qt repo into smaller repos, fixing makefiles, and add missing AUTHORS info.
  • LStranger:
    1. libfm
    2. pcmanfm (gtk+ version)
    3. will work on the qt version after releasing the gtk+ version


Base libraries

  • liblxqt: luis-pereira
  • liblxqt-mount:
  • liblxqt-settings: kuzma
  • libsysstat: kuzma
  • razor-global-key-shortcuts-client: kuzma
  • libqtxdg: SokoloffA, luis-pereira
  • libfm/libfm-qt: lstranger, pcman
  • libmenu-cache: lstranger, pcman

Core components:

  • lxqt-panel: SokoloffA
  • pcmanfm-qt: pcman
  • lxsession: gilir
  • lxqt-power-management: surlykke
  • lxqt-policykit:
  • lxqt-about:
  • lxqt-notificationd:
  • lxqt-runner:
  • lxqt-shortcuts (name is not yet determined): kuzma
  • lxqt-openssh-askpass:
  • lxqt-image-viewer: pcman


  • lxqt-config: this may needs to be split as well
  • lxqt-config-input: pcman
  • lxqt-config-monitor: should we use this?
  • obconf-qt: pcman
  • lxqt-theme: a more power theme config tool is wanted (like lxappearance)


  • lxqt-task-manager: pcman (in planning, not started yet)