OpenSSH Askpass Setup

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razor-openssh-askpass is a helper application to handle SSH requests for username/password in the nice GUI environment. This module is not mandatory for common desktop usage but it's highly important for system administrators and/or developers. That's the reason why is the integration in Razor-qt disabled by default.

At first you need to let know the system you want to use GUI. It's usually done by using the SSH_ASKPASS system environment variable. In our case it will be:


The best solution is to

  • run the razor-config-session
  • add new item into the Environment (Advanced): SSH_ASKPASS=razor-openssh-askpass

Warning: Of course it's possible to set SSH_ASKPASS in for example ~/.profile but you can make SSH unusable when you use the same account remotely from e.g. another SSH session! That's the reason why we recomend to use SSH_ASKPASS only in the razor-session.

If you want to register your keys on session startup add new item to Autostart tab of the razor-config-session. For example:

name: ssh-add
command: ssh-add
wait for system tray: false

Then just logout/login/enjoy