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Window Managers

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List of tested window managers


Fully functional, most used, most tested. For now "The Official WM of Razor-qt".

KWin (KDE4)

Fully functional. KWin is currently in the process of being ported to have less KDE dependencies and become a more suitable WM for a Qt-only desktop. See!topic/razor-qt/6VCUlJspUfc


works; minimal testing. Razor components (desktop, panel) have own icons in the dock.

Enlightenment 16

works; minimal testing razor-panel is painted over some w16 widgets razor-appswitcher collides (but it's fine, it should be disabled by default anyway)


Works. The default fvwm config will handle the panel as a regular window (meaning it will have title and window borders). You can use this Style line in your fvwm configuration file (usually ~/.fvwm/config):

# For razor-qt <= 0.4.1
Style razor-panel !Title, !Borders, !Handles, Layer 2, FixedSize, NeverFocus


# For razor-qt > 0.4.1
Style "Razor Panel" !Title, !Borders, !Handles, FixedSize, NeverFocus, Layer 2

Putting the panel in layer 2 implies that you will be able to move windows over the panel (that is, the panel will stay behind). If you choose layer 6, most windows will remain behind the panel. The default layer in fvwm is the fourth layer. So, if you don't want your panel to be special in this regard, just delete the layer clause or set it to 4.

Note that there's a slight problem when using razor-qt <= 0.4.1 and the Style line for "razor-panel": the panel configuration dialogs will also obey the layer settings you set in that Style. That becomes a problem when you want the panel to be behind (layer < 4) because the configuration dialogs for the panel will also remain hidden behind regular windows. This is due to the fvwm matching mechanism, and affects only razorqt <= 0.4.1 (later versions should be ok).

You can also patch razor-qt-0.4.1 with this and use the Style line for "Razor Panel", and everything will work the way it should.

Again, note that this issue will hit you only if you are using razor-qt <= 0.4.1 and layer < 4, since that's the layer that most regular programs use by default in fvwm.


works basically. Panel is duplicated by icewm's one (toplevel).



##i3WM Works basically. But Razor-Desktop would be put in a container. i3's panel which contains a system-tray and make the system-tray of Razor-Panel doesn't work would also show on desktop. The Task Manager of Razor-Panel doesn't work.