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GUI for svgcleaner.
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SVG Cleaner

SVG Cleaner is the main GUI for svgcleaner.


This GUI adds support for:

  • Batch files processing.
  • Parallel cleaning jobs.
  • SVGZ decompression and compression via 7-Zip and Zopfli.
  • Tooltip with brief help for each cleaning option.


Alt text

* application uses default theme on Linux

Alt text

Build dependencies

OS: Linux, macOS, Windows

Libraries: Qt >=5.6


# optional for Linux
make install

Build options:

  • WITH_CHECK_UPDATES - enable updates checking (default: disabled)

You can use it like this:


Runtime dependencies

  • 7za(.exe) (part of 7-Zip)
  • svgcleaner(-cli)
  • zopfli (optional)


  • This is only a GUI. You have to build svgcleaner separately.
  • On Windows and macOS you should rename svgcleaner (CLI) executable to svgcleaner-cli.


  • Icons in the title bar are from KDE Breeze theme.
  • Other icons are handcrafted.


SVG Cleaner is licensed under the GPL-2.0.

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