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This page is experimental. Here we collect the fringe public comments related to data.table, in date order. Fringe in the sense of peripheral or extreme. These can often go quietly viral and gently sway a community over time. For those for who English is not their first language, sarcasm and jest are powerful tools on display here. We have always added all articles we are aware of to the articles page if they merely mention data.table (whether positive or negative) and will continue to do so. Even so, the sentiment of the articles page is overwhelming positive. The goal of this fringe page is to collect public comments (anything that is not an article, since that belongs on the articles page) with a bias towards the negative to aid potential new users in their quest to build a full unbiased picture of the data.table package.

25 Dec 2014 Hadley Wickham on Hacker News

Data tables are extremely fast but I think their concision makes it harder to learn and code that uses it is harder to read after you've written it. It's very reminiscent of APL.

Our response: See the hacker news item and comparing dplyr to data.table on Stack Overflow.
The word reminiscent was used to convey the notion of-the-past and is meant as criticism.