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Stream Modeling/Monitoring Toolbox

The Stream Modeling/Monitoring Toolbox is a GIS toolbox that allows the user to extract various stream data for thier input area of interest using only LiDAR data as an input. Stream data the Stream Modeling/Monitoring Toolbox can extract includes:

* Flow Direction
* Flow Accumulation
* Stream lines
* Stream Order of stream lines
* Direction of Flow of stream lines
* Stream Gradient of stream lines
* Active Channel Polygons
* Bankfull Polygons
* Ripriarin Corridor Polygons
* Vegetation Height
* Percent of Stream Shaded
* Vegetation Statistics of Streams By Catchment

ArcMap is required to use this toolbox. In order to be able to extract any stream data, the user must have a LAS file (LiDAR data) of the area for which they want to acquire stream data. If the user does not have one, LiDAR datasets are becoming increasingly avaialbe for free download on the web. An example of a site that provides free LiDAR data: .

To get started with the tool, download the zip file and follow the steps in the guide document.

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