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Choose your cables carefully. This works for me:
USB mass storage: OTG adapter in smartphone, standard cable in Pi-Tail USB port
Bluetooth/Wifi : OTG adapter in smartphone, standard cable in Pi-Tail power (USB is free for dongles)
USB ethernet : Standard cable in smartphone, OTG adapter in Pi-Tail USB port (you might need an external power supply)
Install your favourite ssh and vnc client on your smartphone and connect to the ip address listed in the HOWTO.
I am pretty happy with ConnectBot and RealVNC viewer.
Once connected, please change root password, vnc password and wifi password
Read Pi-Tail.HOWTO
I'd use
- Wifi tethering for smartphone or tablet connections (Use an external dongle for wifi attacks)
- USB tethering for PC or Laptop connections (or use a battery for smartphone connection)
- Bluetooth and WiFi don't play nicely together without top notch power supply.
Smartphone power can cause brownouts when using both together.