Turn on avahi-daemon if /boot/avahi is present
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Raspberry Pi service to turn on avahi-daemon if /boot/avahi is present.

To be used with ethernet gadget mode to allow to image Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi and enable ethernet gadget mode by editing the following two files in the /boot partition:
cmdline.txt: Add “modules-load=dwc2,g_ether” after “rootwait”
config.txt: Add “dtoverlay=dwc2“

To use the Service:

Add a file called "avahi" in /boot will enable the avahi-daemon, which in turn makes the raspberry pi discoverable via the name "kali-pi.local".

This is particularly useful when using ethernet gadget mode for the initial headless setup of a raspberry pi.
I advise to disable the avahi-daemon service after the initial setup (systemctl disable avahi-daemon).

To install the service:

wget -O /lib/systemd/system/avahiswitch.service https://github.com/Re4son/avahiswitch/raw/master/avahiswitch.service
wget -O /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf https://github.com/Re4son/avahiswitch/raw/master/avahi-daemon.conf
systemctl enable avahiswitch.service && systemctl enable avahiswitch.service