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Re4son's Kernel Builder for Raspbery Pi

V 2.0.0
Created for kernel version 4.4 and newer
raspberry toolchain published 17-May-2016 and later
raspberry firmware released 4-May-2016 and later

Compiling The Raspberry Pi Kernel

Clone the git repo to /opt/kernel-builder

$ sudo git clone /opt/kernel-builder
$ cd kernel-builder

If running on a 64bit architecture, install additional 32bit packages required by the toolchain

$ sudo apt-get install lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 libc6-i386 lib32stdc++6

Setup the kernel-builder

$ ./

edit and set the variable KERNEL-BUILDER_DIR= to the kernel builder directory. default is "/opt/kernel-builder"

~$ sudo re4sonbuild -h
usage: re4sonbuild [options]
 This will build the Raspberry Pi Kernel.
    -h        Show this message
    -r        The remote github kernel repo to clone in user/repo format
              Default: raspberrypi/linux
    -b        The git branch to use
              Default: Default git branch of repo
    -c        Set up the environment and clean the source tree
    -6        The config file to use when compiling for Raspi v6 (ARMEL)
              Default: arch/arm/configs/bcmrpi_defconfig
    -7        The config file to use when compiling for Raspi v7 (ARMHF)
              Default: arch/arm/configs/bcm2709_defconfig
    -7        The config file to use when compiling for Raspi v8 (ARM64)
              Default: arch/arm/configs/bcm2709_defconfig

Reset the ebvironment for a fresh build:

~$ sudo re4sonbuild -c

Compile with default options:

~$ sudo re4sonbuild

Compile re4son-raspberrypi-linux using the rpi-4.4.y-re4son branch:

~$ sudo re4son -r -b rpi-4.1.y-re4son

A tar.xz archive will be available in the kernel-builder folder after the custom kernel has been built. Copy the archive to your Pi and extact the contents. Installation instructions are included in the archive.


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