Fritzing part for the most common seven-segment indicator I could find
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Two-digit 7-segment fritzing part Build Status

So far I only found 4-digit and 1-digit seven-segment display part, but the most common 7-segment display I can find around has two digits, and it has it's own layout so it's kinda hard to get correct PCB. Now it's easy. Probably there are things to improve, so contributions are welcome!


Navigate to the releases section and download latest release fzpz file. Here is the link.

If you'd like to assemble part from the sources, just zip these files with 125-seven-segment in the filename and then rename zip filename extension to fzpz.


Breadboard - Breadboard

Schematics - Schematics



To be honest, fritzing part editor it's kind a weird. Recommended way is to import part into your Fritzing using fzpz file, then find it in parts list, right-click and edit. Once you done with your changes, export part to fzpz file, unpack it (it's regular zip-file), and submit contents as Pull Request. Or feel free to export your updated fzpz file and submit it as issue, I'll create pull request for you.