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@devttys0 devttys0 released this Dec 23, 2015 · 454 commits to master since this release

The binwalk v2.1.1 release includes many improvements, including:

  • Many bug fixes
  • New/improved file signatures
  • Disassembly scans (using the Capstone Engine)
  • Improved raw Deflate compression detection and extraction
  • Raw LZMA compression detection and extraction
  • Improved false positive detection for common compressions (Zlib, LZMA)
  • An IDA plugin for running binwalk inside of IDA
  • Integration of better extraction utilities (e.g., sasquatch for SquashFS, jefferson for JFFS2)
  • Removal of all C library dependencies, including libmagic - pure Python!
  • Native Windows support!

Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports and pull requests!

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