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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from mt2tumblr import parser, tumblr
import urlparse
import urllib
import config
if __name__ == '__main__':
posts = parser.parse_file(config.PARSE_FILE_PATH)
for post in posts:
print post['date'], len(post['body'])
print ' title:\t', post['title']
print ' tags:\t', post['tags']
client = tumblr.TumblrClient(config)
request_token = client.request_token
print '----------------'
print 'open in browser:' + client.get_auth_url(request_token)
oauth_verifier = raw_input('oauth_verifier:')
access_token = client.get_access_token(request_token, oauth_verifier)
tumblr_client = client.get_client(access_token)
url = '' % config.BASE_HOSTNAME
for post in posts:
params = {
'type': config.POST_TYPE,
'state': config.POST_STATE,
'title': post['title'].encode('utf-8'),
'body': post['body'].encode('utf-8'),
'tags': post['tags'].encode('utf-8'),
'date': post['date']}
resp, content = tumblr_client.request(url, method='POST', body=urllib.urlencode(params))
print post['date'], post['title'], content
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