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The ReScience Journal

ReScience is a platinum open-access peer-reviewed journal that targets computational research and encourages the explicit replication of already published research promoting new and open-source implementations in order to ensure the original research is reproducible. To achieve such a goal, the whole editing chain is radically different from any other traditional scientific journal. ReScience lives on github where each new implementation is made available together with the comments, explanations and tests. Each submission takes the form of a pull request that is publicly reviewed and tested in order to guarantee any researcher can re-use it. If you ever replicated a computational result from the literature, ReScience is the perfect place to publish this new implementation. Reproducible Science is Good. Replicated Science is better.

The Editorial Board

Note: This repository contains the first volumes of ReScience. Articles were submitted as pull requests to ReScience-submissions, which were merged upon acceptance with a reference added to this repository. The new ReScience C workflow is a bit different and based on two new repositories: one for submissions and another one containing the accepted articles. The entry point for ReScience remains its Web site.



The ReScience journal. Reproducible Science is Good. Replicated Science is better.




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