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ReScience submission repository

This is the submission repository for the ReScience journal.

How to submit an article ?

  1. Create a github account

  2. Fork the ReScience submission repository

  3. Clone this new repository into your desktop environment

    $ git clone
  4. Create a branch (the branch name should be author names separated with dashes)

    $ git checkout -b AUTHOR1-AUTHOR2
  5. Add your code & article (see author guidelines) and commit your changes:

    $ git commit -a -m "Some comment"
  6. Push to github

    $ git push origin AUTHOR1-AUTHOR2
  7. Issue a pull request (PR) to ReScience with title containing author(s) name and follow the template that will appear once you opened the pull request:


Dear @ReScience/editors,

I request a review for the following replication:

### Original article

**Journal (or Conference):**  

### Replication


### Results

* [ ] Article has been fully replicated
* [ ] Article has been partially replicated
* [ ] Article has not been replicated

### Potential reviewers
<!-- If you know potential reviewers, you can tell us here -->
<!-- You can look at for the -->
<!-- list of registered reviewers (but you can propose others) -->



* [ ] Editor acknowledgment
* [ ] Reviewer 1 
* [ ] Reviewer 2
* [ ] Review 1 decision [accept/reject]
* [ ] Review 2 decision [accept/reject]
* [ ] Editor decision [accept/reject]
  1. You can suggest reviewers from editorial board.

  2. Answer questions and requests made in the PR conversation page.