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Splamy committed Jun 23, 2019
1 parent 13e50ad commit 6215493f4ec376245f16ba3f374c2cb9fb39cbbd
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@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
<Import Project="$(VCTargetsPath)\Microsoft.Cpp.Default.props" />
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'" Label="Configuration">

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@XeruTec XeruTec commented on 6215493 Jan 30, 2020

I wanted to let you know, with the newest 3.5.0 Beta Update it isn't possible to use ts3hook anymore.
(Sorry, if it isn't the right place to write this)

TS3Hook: Cannot auto-detect required PluginAPI version, using 22
TS3Hook: Cannot auto-detect required PluginAPI version, using 23
-= TS3Hook v1.3.0 by Splamy, Bluscream, alex720, exp111, Nicer =-
TS3Hook: Ignoring
TS3Hook: Blocking connectioninfoautoupdate,setconnectioninfo,clientchatcomposing,
TS3Hook: Packet dispatcher not found, aborting
TS3Hook: Shutting down

I found this in the change log: "! Updated Plugin API version to 24."

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