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This software is a simple Python wrapper around the ReachMail API ( This wrapper provides simple convenience functions to access various API services.


$ python install

Note that httplib2 will be installed as a requirement to this software


This wrapper is very simple, requiring only the base module to be imported for use. It requires a valid API token for authentication and uses only the JSON version of the API services.

:: >>> import reachmail >>> api = reachmail.ReachMail("my-token")

Service calls are grouped together under a method named after the first URI component as described in ( For example, would be accessed as follows.

:: >>> res = api.adminsitration.users_current()

Most service functions require keyword arguments representing components of the URL and or the HTTP message body. These keywords follow the naming conventions detailed in the service documentation, i.e. title case. For example, to correctly pass in an account id, use AccountId.

:: >>> res = api.administration.addresses(AccountId="my-account-id")

All services will return a named tuple which contains "status" and "content" parameters. Status will represent the HTTP status code of the service call. Note that some services will not return usable content, success of failure is determined solely by the HTTP status code. Checking status codes should therefore be an important part of any program incorporating this module.

Getting help

Please refer all questions about this module or the ReachMail API to

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