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You want to contribute to the project? Awesome!

Things to know

Please see our Code of Conduct for details on reporting unacceptable behavior.

Project Setup

We're really happy you want to contribute to the project! The following steps will get you up and running:

  1. Fork and clone the repo;
  2. Install the required dependencies
  $ npm install
  1. Start up the dev server:
  $ npm run storybook

Access http://localhost:6006 to see the storybook running


├── .storybook: Storybook configuration files
├── docs: Storybook build files
├── components: Component files
│   ├── index.js: Export all components
│   ├── Component: Component folder
│   │    ├── Component.jsx: Component itself
│   │    └── index.js: Component export file
│   └── shared: common files that are used across components
│       └── assets: assets files
└── stories: Component stories folder
    └── *.stories.js: Component story file

You need to follow a simple structure pattern:

  • Every new component need to have it's specific folder, this folder need to be named as the component name;
  • The component folder need the component file itself and an index.js file that export that component;
  • You need to import and export that component on index.js that are on components folder;
  • Every new component need to have it's own story file;
  • When you finish your work you'll need to commit running npm run commit;

Open your PR!

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