Fun with redux!
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Fun with redux!

Getting started

yarn install

yarn start-next

Then open http://localhost:3008/ in your browser

(* npm also works, but yarn is faster)


This application was created to show how strong the force is in Redux. Use it as example, training, learning, or just break it down in pieces and tell me what I did wrong. It uses the Star Wars API, which can be found on, to have some data to show.

To use as little boilerplate as possible, the app uses the Next framework (


  1. The ItemDisplay component contains a button that expands or collapses a JSON dump. It does so by holding it's own state. Rewrite this to use redux.
  2. Rewrite the existing onChooseEndpoint action to not fetch new data from the API, if the dat is already loaded.
  3. Make ItemDisplay detect what kind of object it has received, and change display based on that
  4. Sort the list of items alphabetically
  5. Make more changes - use your imagination!