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Thanks for contributing, you rock!

If you use our code, it is now our code.

Please read and the Code of Conduct before opening an issue.

Think You Found a Bug?

Please provide a test case of some sort. Best is a pull request with a failing test. Next is a link to CodePen/JS Bin or repository that illustrates the bug. Finally, some copy/pastable code is acceptable.

Proposing New or Changed API?

Please provide thoughtful comments and some sample code. Proposals without substance will be closed.

Issue Not Getting Attention?

If you need a bug fixed and nobody is fixing it, it is your responsibility to fix it. Issues with no activity for 30 days may be closed.

Making a Pull Request?

Pull requests need only the 👍 of two or more collaborators to be merged; when the PR author is a collaborator, that counts as one.


All commits that fix bugs or add features need a test.

<blink>Do not merge code without tests.</blink>


All commits that change or add to the API must be done in a pull request that also:

  • Adds an entry to with clear steps for updating code for changed or removed API
  • Updates examples
  • Updates the docs


  • npm test starts a karma test runner and watch for changes
  • npm start starts a webpack dev server that will watch for changes and build the examples


The best way to hack on the router is to symlink it into your project using npm link. Then, use npm run watch to automatically watch the modules directory and output a new build every time something changes.