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@echo off
if not defined RMG (
echo Error: RMG variable not defined; please set to the location of your RMG installation.
goto end
mkdir "%rmg%"\bin
echo Compiling GATPFit...
cd "%rmg%"\source\GATPFit
g95 -Wall -fbounds-check *.f -L"%rmg%"\bin -lblas -llapack -o "%rmg%"\bin\GATPFit.exe
echo Compiling fame...
cd "%rmg%"\source\fame
g95 -Wall -fbounds-check -O3 math.f90 states.f90 specfun.f90 _modes.f90 network.f90 io.f90 mastereqn.f90 msc.f90 rs.f90 model.f90 fame.f90 -L"%rmg%"\bin -lblas -llapack -o "%rmg%"\bin\fame.exe
echo Compiling frankie...
cd "%rmg%"\source\frankie
g95 -Wall -fbounds-check *.f90 -o "%rmg%"\bin\frankie.exe
echo Compiling dassl...
cd "%rmg%"\source\dassl
g95 call_dasslAUTO.f90 daux.f ddassl.f dlinpk.f getflux.f reaction_flux.f res.f res_daepack.f -o "%rmg%"\bin\dasslAUTO.exe
echo This script does NOT compile the Java code; use the command "ant jar" to do so.
cd "%rmg%"
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