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Welcome to the Official RMG Wiki/Developer's Guide

The purpose of this wiki is to provide information relevant for developers not found in the documentation. For other information, please see the links below:

Interactive Websites

  • rmg.mit.edu: Visualize models, search for kinetics and thermochemistry, view the databases. etc.
  • rmg.coe.neu.edu: Mirror of rmg.mit.edu, usually with older version, currently (2016-02-26) broken.

User Guides

  • The main rmg user guide should contain information for how users should use software. If you have github pushing permissions, you can easily edit the documentation and commit it on the documentation branch from your web browser in this directory. You then can create a pull request to the master branch. This will provide better availability of your contribution.
  • RMG Study Group Presentations: A collection of presentations on how to use RMG, Git, and other relevant topics

Developer Guides