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This git repository tracks changes in RMG model generation by retaining a history of RMG generated models in CHEMKIN format.

Normally RMG-tests run automatically all the examples registered in examples folder on Travis platform. For convenience of debugging and running customized jobs (which sometimes violate Travis's restricted rule of memory usage and CPU time), we added the functionality of running RMG-tests locally. To run locally, please follow the instruction below.

Instructions for Running RMG-tests Locally

  1. Clone the repo down to your local machine: run git clone

  2. Make sure your have installed anaconda (please skip this step if you have already installed). If you are going to use it on a server, you probably are using the global anaconda which means you usually don't have have permission to write into /path/to/anaconda/envs. In this case, you need to install your own local anaconda, so follow the commands below:

    # Set up anaconda
    wget -O
    chmod +x
    ./ -b -p $HOME/miniconda
    export PATH=$HOME/miniconda/bin:$PATH
    # Update conda itself
    conda update --yes conda
  3. Modify local_tests/ by specifying the branch name of RMG-Py and RMG-database. Note that these branches must be already pushed and located on Also change the job name to the one you want to run. If you need to test customized jobs, add a new folder with RMG input file which you want to run to examples/rmg/.

  4. Run RMG-tests by

    cd local_tests

If you are running on a server using SLURM for submitting jobs, we've provided two example submission scripts (serial and parallel). For serial mode of testing: sbatch For parallel mode of testing: sbatch $(pwd)

  1. You'll find the test log in folder RMG-tests/tests/check/${you job name}, and two versions of RMG-generated CHEMKIN models in folder RMG-tests/tests/benchmark/${you job name} and RMG-tests/tests/testmodel/${you job name} for detailed analysis.

  2. We're also testing recording test results into a central mongo database. Please contact to get an authentication file (in config.cfg format) to access to database. Currently it's required to run thermochemistry validation test.