A Django-powered website for Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG)
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Now that the functionality has been integrated into RMG-Py.


RMG Website - A Django-powered website for RMG

This repository contains the source code that powers the RMG website, which runs at http://rmg.mit.edu/. The RMG website itself uses the Django web framework.

User Setup

If you only wish to use the RMG website, no setup is required! Simply point your favorite web browser to http://rmg.mit.edu/ to get started. Some parts of the web site require that Javascript be enabled.

Developer Setup

Running RMG-website requires a working installation of RMG-Py. Development of the website closely mirrors that of RMG-Py, and you will generally need to update the RMG-Py repository whenever you update this repository.

For detailed instructions on setting up a local version of RMG-website, please see the wiki page in RMG-Py.


How to Give Feedback

Please post any issues you may have to the issues page or email rmg_dev@mit.edu if you have questions.