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Just in case I'm not the only one that was confused as I was in #242: link to nuget package page from package name.
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### Breaking changes
The NuGet packages have changed their package naming in the move from v2.x.x to v3.0.0
- * ~~`Rx-Main`~~ is now `System.Reactive`
- * ~~`Rx-Core`~~ is now `System.Reactive.Core`
- * ~~`Rx-Interfaces`~~ is now `System.Reactive.Interfaces`
- * ~~`Rx-Linq`~~ is now `System.Reactive.Linq`
- * ~~`Rx-PlatformServices`~~ is now `System.Reactive.PlatformServices`
- * ~~`Rx-Testing`~~ is now `Microsoft.Reactive.Testing`
+ * ~~`Rx-Main`~~ is now [`System.Reactive`](
+ * ~~`Rx-Core`~~ is now [`System.Reactive.Core`](
+ * ~~`Rx-Interfaces`~~ is now [`System.Reactive.Interfaces`](
+ * ~~`Rx-Linq`~~ is now [`System.Reactive.Linq`](
+ * ~~`Rx-PlatformServices`~~ is now [`System.Reactive.PlatformServices`](
+ * ~~`Rx-Testing`~~ is now [`Microsoft.Reactive.Testing`](
This brings the NuGet package naming in line with NuGet guidelines and also the dominant namespace in each package.
The strong name key has also changed, which is considered a breaking change.

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