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This is RxJS v 4. Find the latest version here

Rx.Observable.prototype.shareReplay([bufferSize], [window], [scheduler])

Returns an observable sequence that shares a single subscription to the underlying sequence replaying notifications subject to a maximum time length for the replay buffer.

This operator is a specialization of replay that connects to the connectable observable sequence when the number of observers goes from zero to one, and disconnects when there are no more observers.


  1. [bufferSize] (Number): Maximum element count of the replay buffer.
  2. [window] (Number): Maximum time length of the replay buffer in milliseconds.
  3. [scheduler] (Scheduler): Scheduler where connected observers within the selector function will be invoked on.


(Observable): An observable sequence that contains the elements of a sequence produced by multicasting the source sequence within a selector function.


var interval = Rx.Observable.interval(1000);

var source = interval
    .doAction(function (x) {
        console.log('Side effect');

var published = source


// Creating a third subscription after the previous two subscriptions have
// completed. Notice that no side effects result from this subscription,
// because the notifications are cached and replayed.

function createObserver(tag) {
    return Rx.Observer.create(
        function (x) {
            console.log('Next: ' + tag + x);
        function (err) {
            console.log('Error: ' + err);
        function () {

// => Side effect
// => Next: SourceA0
// => Next: SourceB0
// => Side effect
// => Next: SourceA1
// => Next: SourceB1
// => Side effect
// => Next: SourceA2
// => Next: SourceB2
// => Side effect
// => Next: SourceA3
// => Next: SourceB3
// => Completed
// => Completed
// => Next: SourceC1
// => Next: SourceC2
// => Next: SourceC3
// => Completed





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