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Ways to Contribute

If you would like to contribute, consider these options:

  • Submit a bug report (for a guide on submitting good bug reports, read Painless Bug Tracking).
  • Verify fixes for bugs.
  • Submit a code fix for a bug.
  • Submit a feature request.
  • Help answer questions in the discussions list.
  • Submit a unit test.
  • Tell others about the project.
  • Tell the developers how much you appreciate the product!

Contributing Code

Before submitting a feature or substantial code contribution please discuss it with the team and ensure it follows the product roadmap. Note that all code submissions will be rigorously reviewed and tested by the Rx Team, and only those that meet an extremely high bar for both quality and design/roadmap appropriateness will be merged into the source.

You will need to submit a Contributor License Agreement form before submitting your pull request. This needs to only be done once for any Microsoft Open Technologies OSS project. Download the Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Please fill in, sign, scan and email it to msopentech-cla at microsoft .com (please prefix the email subject with RX– ).

Make sure to configure git with a username and email address to use for your commits. Your username should be your GitHub username, so that people will be able to relate your commits to you. From a command prompt, run the following commands:

git config YourUserName 

git config YourAlias@YourDomain 
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