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Uri Baghin committed Nov 29, 2013
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@@ -176,15 +176,6 @@ a [stream](#streams):
It is primarily used by the `-materialize` method of
-## Foundation Support
-There are a number of categories that provide RAC-based bridges to standard
-Foundation classes. They're not included as part of the framework proper in
-order to keep the framework size down.
-You can find them in [RACExtensions][]. To use them, simply add them directly to
-your project as needed.
## Asynchronous Backtraces
Because RAC-based code often involves asynchronous work and queue-hopping, the
@@ -210,7 +201,6 @@ the information is still valuable).
[RACCommand]: ../ReactiveCocoaFramework/ReactiveCocoa/RACCommand.h
[RACDisposable]: ../ReactiveCocoaFramework/ReactiveCocoa/RACDisposable.h
[RACEvent]: ../ReactiveCocoaFramework/ReactiveCocoa/RACEvent.h
-[RACExtensions]: ../RACExtensions
[RACMulticastConnection]: ../ReactiveCocoaFramework/ReactiveCocoa/RACMulticastConnection.h
[RACReplaySubject]: ../ReactiveCocoaFramework/ReactiveCocoa/RACReplaySubject.h
[RACScheduler]: ../ReactiveCocoaFramework/ReactiveCocoa/RACScheduler.h

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