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Assertion in -[RACStream flattenMap:] fails with RACSubject from rac_signalForSelector: #1085

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This assertion in -[RACStream flattenMap:] fails deep down in the stack trace from subscribeNext: when it is passed a RACSubject that resulted from calling rac_signalForSelector: on an object. I will keep digging, but it seems this is due to the swizzling happening in rac_signalForSelector: (which, I must admit, I don't fully understand yet), where the object returned is not actually an instance of RACSubject (and thus, not a subclass of RACStream) although its class property indicates it is. Breaking on the assertion and printing some info gives me the following:

(lldb) po value
<RACSubject: 0xea504c0> name: <PodioAppDelegate_iPhone: 0xe777600> -rac_signalForSelector: application:performFetchWithCompletionHandler:
(lldb) po [value class]
(lldb) p (BOOL)[value isKindOfClass:[RACSubject class]]
(BOOL) $6 = NO

Any idea what might be going on? It seems to me the asserted condition might be too strict in this case?


Have a look at #901. The failing -isKindOfClass: assertion is typically the manifestation of having two distinct definitions of a given class. In this case it would seem there are two RACSubject classes.


Ah that did it, I needed to only include it in the app target and not my unit test target. Thanks!

@sebreh sebreh closed this

Great, glad that was it. Enjoy!

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