@JakeWharton JakeWharton released this May 4, 2016 · 102 commits to 2.x since this release

  • Rewrite the Android-specific schedulers (main thread or custom) to greatly reduce allocation and
    performance overhead of scheduling work.
  • HandlerScheduler.create has been deprecated in favor of AndroidSchedulers.from(Looper) as
    a Looper is the actual mechanism of scheduling on Android, not Handler.
  • Fix: Correct the behavior of AndroidSchedulers.mainThread() to only invoke the registered
    RxAndroidSchedulersHook for creating the main thread scheduler and to cache the result instead
    of invoking it every time. This behvior change eliminates a performance overhead and brings
    behavior in line with RxJava. If you were relying on the ability to change the main thread
    scheduler over time (such as for tests), return a delegating scheduler from the hook which allows
    changing the delegate instance at will.
  • RxJava dependency now points at v1.1.4.
  • RxAndroidPlugins.reset() is now marked as @Experimental to match the RxJava method of the
    same name and behavior.