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@akarnokd akarnokd released this Jul 12, 2019 · 24 commits to 3.x since this release


This is an early release for 3.0.0 to allow preparations for the breaking API changes and cleanups.

Please check out the wiki page What's different in 3.0 from time to time for the details and migration guide.

API changes

  • Rename onErrorResumeNext(<source>) to onErrorResumeWith(<source>) to avoid lambda ambiguity with onErrorResumeNext(Function). (#6550)
  • Remove buffer(Supplier) variants (#6564)
  • Remove window(Supplier) variants (#6564)
  • Remove onExceptionResumeNext (#6564)

Behavior changes

No behavior changes in this release.


  • Fix NPE when debouncing empty source (#6559)

Documentation enhancements

  • Fix wording in Single javadocs (#6566)


  • Fixing version tag since Schedulers.from(Executor, boolean) has been promoted. (#6544)
  • Simplify JUnit tests with more appropriate assert methods (#6549)
  • Remove unnecessary static imports from unit tests (#6550)
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