How to Contribute

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RxJava is still a work in progress and has a long list of work documented in the Issues.

If you wish to contribute we would ask that you:

  • read Rx Design Guidelines
  • review existing code and comply with existing patterns and idioms
  • include unit tests
  • stick to Rx contracts as defined by the Rx.Net implementation when porting operators (each issue attempts to reference the correct documentation from MSDN)

Information about licensing can be found at: CONTRIBUTING.

How to import the project into Eclipse

Two options below:

###Import as Eclipse project

./gradlew eclipse

In Eclipse

  • choose File - Import - General - Existing Projects into Workspace
  • Browse to RxJava folder
  • click Finish.
  • Right click on the project in Package Explorer, select Properties - Java Compiler - Errors/Warnings - click Enable project specific settings.
  • Still in Errors/Warnings, go to Deprecated and restricted API and set Forbidden reference (access-rules) to Warning.

###Import as Gradle project

You need the Gradle plugin for Eclipse installed.

In Eclipse

  • choose File - Import - Gradle - Gradle Project.
  • Browse to RxJava folder
  • click Build Model
  • select the project
  • click Finish