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// Signal.swift
// RxCocoa
// Created by Krunoslav Zaher on 9/26/16.
// Copyright © 2016 Krunoslav Zaher. All rights reserved.
import RxSwift
Trait that represents observable sequence with following properties:
- it never fails
- it delivers events on `MainScheduler.instance`
- `share(scope: .whileConnected)` sharing strategy
Additional explanation:
- all observers share sequence computation resources
- there is no replaying of sequence elements on new observer subscription
- computation of elements is reference counted with respect to the number of observers
- if there are no subscribers, it will release sequence computation resources
In case trait that models state propagation is required, please check `Driver`.
`Signal<Element>` can be considered a builder pattern for observable sequences that model imperative events part of the application.
To find out more about units and how to use them, please visit `Documentation/`.
public typealias Signal<E> = SharedSequence<SignalSharingStrategy, E>
public struct SignalSharingStrategy : SharingStrategyProtocol {
public static var scheduler: SchedulerType { return SharingScheduler.make() }
public static func share<E>(_ source: Observable<E>) -> Observable<E> {
return source.share(scope: .whileConnected)
extension SharedSequenceConvertibleType where SharingStrategy == SignalSharingStrategy {
/// Adds `asPublisher` to `SharingSequence` with `PublishSharingStrategy`.
public func asSignal() -> Signal<E> {
return self.asSharedSequence()
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