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Added basic documentation on using `XCTAssertRecordedElements`.

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@@ -55,6 +55,26 @@ func testMap_Range() {
In the case of non-terminating sequences where you don't necessarily care about the event times, You may also use `RxTest`'s `XCTAssertRecordedElements` to assert specific elements have been emitted.
A terminating stop event (e.g. `completed` or `error`) will cause the test to fail.
func testElementsEmitted() {
let scheduler = TestScheduler(initialClock: 0)
let xs = scheduler.createHotObservable([
next(210, "RxSwift"),
next(220, "is"),
next(230, "pretty"),
next(240, "awesome")
let res = scheduler.start { xs.asObservable() }
XCTAssertRecordedElements(, ["RxSwift", "is", "pretty", "awesome"])
## Testing operator compositions (view models, components)
Examples of how to test operator compositions are contained inside `Rx.xcworkspace` > `RxExample-iOSTests` target.

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