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@kzaher kzaher released this Apr 29, 2019 · 31 commits to master since this release

RxSwift 5 is a mostly source-compatible release targeting the Swift 5 compiler.

Xcode 10.2 is the minimum supported version (or Swift 5 on Linux).

If you're using Xcode 10.1 and below, please use RxSwift 4.5.

  • Relays have been moved to a separate framework - RxRelay, and can be used without RxCocoa. #1924
  • TimeInterval has been deprecated in favor of DispatchTimeInterval. For example - throttle(1.2) would change to throttle(.milliseconds(1200)), while throttle(3) would change to throttle(.seconds(3)). #1472
  • Variable is now entirely deprecated. #1922
  • do now provides additional "after" closures. For example, do(onNext:) and do(afterNext:). #1898
  • bind(to:) now supports multiple observers (e.g. bind(to: observer1, observer2)). #1702
  • Changes the return type of ObservableType.toArray to Single. #1923
  • Adds compactMap. #1925
  • Deprecate Completable.merge in favor of #1929 #1931
  • RxSwift can be built as a Static Library using Carthage 0.33 and up. #1940


  • SubjectType.SubjectObserverType has been renamed to SubjectType.Observer. #1950
  • The S associated type has been renamed to Subject where applicable. #1950
  • The S generic constraint on SharedSequence has been renamed to SharingStrategy. #1951
  • The E associated type on ObservableConvertibleType and ObserverType have been renamed to Element. #1945
  • The C and S associated types have been renamed to Collection and Sequence accordingly. #1949
  • Renamed ElementType associatedtype to Element. #1945
  • Renamed TraitType associatedtype to Trait. #1945
  • Make RxMutableBox supported on Linux in Swift 5. #1917
  • Fix incorrect assignment to Thread.threadDictionary on Linux. #1912
  • combineLatest of an empty array now completes immediately. #1879
  • Add resultsSelector missing closure labels for some overloads of combineLatest & zip.
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