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VERSION=`git describe --tags --abbrev=0`
rm -rf sourcekitten-output.json build docs/latest tmp-reactorkit
swift build
sourcekitten doc --spm-module ReactorKit > sourcekitten-output.json
bundle exec jazzy \
--clean \
--sourcekitten-sourcefile sourcekitten-output.json \
--exclude Sources/AssociatedObjectStore.swift \
--output docs/latest \
--min-acl public \
--author "Suyeol Jeon" \
--author_url \
--github_url \
--module ReactorKit \
publish: doc
git clone -b gh-pages tmp-reactorkit
rm -rf tmp-reactorkit/docs/latest
mkdir -p tmp-reactorkit/docs
cp -r docs/latest tmp-reactorkit/docs/latest
cd tmp-reactorkit && \
git add docs/latest && \
git commit -am "Generate documentation" && \
git push origin gh-pages
rm -rf tmp-reactorkit