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Welcome to the Reactor For CFML Repository

This is the offical repository for the Reactor ORM framework. As of now this site is open for business and ready to roll.

What is Reactor?

Reactor is an Object-Relational Modeling ('ORM') tool which generates database abstractions on the fly, as needed. Reactor is sometimes called an "Inline Dynamic Database Abstraction" API.

In simpler terms, Reactor is used to generate ColdFusion objects which are used to access data in your database. Depending on Reactor's configuration, these objects are recreated as your database or configuration changes.

Reactor accelerates development by automating much of the repetitive, tedious and error-prone work involved in creating an Object Oriented database abstraction layer.

Based on unscientific observations, it is roughly estimated that Reactor can help save up to 20% of your project’s development time. For more information on this, see

Getting Started

Because reactor is currently in a late Alpha stage (it's a Beta Candadiate right now), it can be hard to get up to speed. The best way to get started is to get the latest version of reactor from the Reactor GitHub Repository which is located at:

As the project becomes more formalized, there will be stable versions of the framework tagged at (select the Tags drop down).

If you can't (or really don't want to) use GitHub, Tom Chiverton hosts zipped versions of recent builds at You can also download a significantly out of date version of reactor from That zip is only occasionally updated.

The framework comes with documentation that is incomplete, but should be enough to get you started and is included in the download.

How do I...?

There is a series of how to items here:


The following are some good places to learn more about Reactor or to get help:

(Please suggest more resources as they become available.)

Articles and Blog Entries

This page lists articles, resources and blog entries related to Reactor.


Please visit this link to learn how to submit bug reports.

Help Drive Reactor

There is a Developer Guide as well as a developers mailing list.

Reactor Schwag

Those of you who want to represent Reactor in style can now buy Reactor stickers, mugs and shirts from our own CafePress store.